Monday, July 1, 2019

Simplified Job Board

When I started teaching, I had the cutest job board for my First Graders.  It was a large tool kit with names on wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.  I loved it. The kids loved it.

For about two seconds.

The problem for ME?

1. Organization. I never rotated it like I should have and kids would keep same jobs forever.  I'm pretty organized but I just never had the time to put into maintaining it.

2. I often had to create jobs that pretty much weren't that good or needed to be done just occasionally just so everyone would have one.

The problem for my students? They complained.  A lot.  "When do I get to be line leader?" "When can I be the messenger?" "No fair."  "I never ever get to sharpen the pencils."

I know it's a small problem to have in life but it honestly stressed me out. My sister, who teaches Kindergarten, introduced me to ONE or TWO helpers a day!  My problems were over.


I prefer two helpers a day...My Cool Cats!  They do EVERYTHING needed that day.  This way, they pretty much get to experience all the cool jobs every 10-12 days depending how many kids are in your class.  (They take turns being line leader/caboose each time we leave room.)

In the beginning of the year, I go over the rules and have them color in a cat after I type names in.  In my packet, you can have kids color cats or print out ones ready to go.  At the end of the day, I let the kids take a certificate and use special crayons or markers to color in.  Just another way parents can see what their children are up to in school that day.

An added bonus: this takes up so much less space in my teeny tiny room!

For those of you that can have a rotating job board and maintain it...hats off to you!  For the rest of you, I feel your pain!

Have a great day!

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