Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Daily Helpers

After talking to my sister this summer about how much time I spent changing the kids' jobs and how I was forever forgetting to do it, she suggested I switch to a daily helper: one child that does everything. She got the idea from Peggy Campbell Rush at the NJ Kindergarten Convention. Peggy called it Lucky Duck and used one child.  After adapting a bit, Tracy came up with Two Cool Cats (2 kiddos) and I got to work making the cards.  I'm LOVING this new way of managing my helpers. 

On the first day of school, after reading Pete the Cat (the coolest cat I know next to my sweet 18 Firsties!) the kids colored in their cat. (Clip art from Melonheadz)  I printed these out on cardstock and went back and forth between having them use crayons or pencils.  (And for one insane moment, pondered markers!) Crayons won.  I have a boy and a girl stack hanging up and simply rotate to the next one in the pile each day.  The Two Cool Cats work together as messengers, lunch luggers, snack shack, etc.  When I need something done, they are my go-to kids.  It's worked perfectly!  They have even peacefully managed the Line Leader and Caboose situation each time without involving me.  Cooperation at its best!

For those of you who manage to change/rotate your students jobs weekly, accept job applications and all that fun stuff, God Bless!  I just never could get my act together when it came to this and my poor kids had the same jobs forever.  The Messenger never minded but the Floor Inspector went on strike!  :)

A long time ago, I rotated monthly and that was better.  But in my newish tiny room, I just didn't want to give up the wall space for a whole helper chart so this really is ideal for me.  The best part?  Kids get to do all the "cool" jobs every 9 days since I have only 18 kids.  It's a win/win situation! 

Grab the pic of the cool cat below if you'd like!  Just insert into Power Point Slide, make a text box, and you're good to go! Have a great day!

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