Saturday, June 8, 2013

Clipart Challenge!

It's always fun to see what others create with your clipart.  That's especially true in the Clipart Challenge!

Stephanie from Primary Possibilities picked out the Watermelon Clipart Set that my husband and I made. I suppose it's not surprising that she picked this set because she lives smack dab in the middle of watermelon country in Indiana. 

She spent many a summer months farming watermelons! And although I don't believe she mentioned it on her blog, a little birdie told me that she was even crowned...


Look at the adorable math stations she made with it:

She's offering this product for FREE this weekend only.  Click on the pic to go directly to her TpT Store.  I downloaded my free packet!  Adorable and fun!  Kids will love it!

We still have two full weeks of school left in NJ but once it's over, John and I are having our own sort of Clipart Challenge:  Make and post a set a day all summer long!  Can we do it?  Stay tuned! We have added a few items over the past month.  First up?  My favorite!  Who doesn't love dancing bananas?

And some FREE silly carrots! I always tell my kiddos to Dare to be Different:

Some cute cars:

Some frames:  (first one is a FREEBIE)

Apples anyone...fall is just around the corner! 

And this one...I miss them already!  Sniff sniff...

If you're finished school already, HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your post looks great!! You're so funny!! You mentioned "royalty". I truly did enjoy working with you on this challenge. Hopefully, you will receive a lot of traffic to your stores. Don't forget to add your link to the linky. The linky is posted on everyone who participated blog, so you need to link up either this post or your store. :) Enjoy and thanks for the teamwork!! :)

  2. Your clipart is adorable. I stopped by and picked up the watermelon unit. Would love to have you stop by my blog.
    Primary Paradise

  3. Your clipart is fabulous! I have added the apples to my wishlist:)

    The Resourceful Apple


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