Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration Dumbed Down

And I mean really, really, really dumbed down!  I saw this pin and sighed.  If only...

You see, my necklace storage has been bugging the heck out of me for years.  If I leave it in my "jewelry drawer" with everything else, it gets tangled up in no time.  I tried hanging on a hanger but it wasn't idea either.  Hooks on the side of my dresser wouldn't hold and I didn't want to drill anything into my frniture. So today, I offer you a simple, can-do-it-now project that isn't fancy like above but just as effective!

What do you need?  Cupcake holders and a shoe box!

These are much sturdier than your average ones. I got these for $2 at Homegoods (my favorite store in the world and right down the block from me!) and they are meant to be sturdy enough that you dont need to use a cupcake pan.  These are usually $10!  (BTW, I would NEVER pay that!)

Then I plopped them all into a box:

 Nice to recycle, isn't it?

And then...the BEST part:  I placed them in a bottom dresser drawer that was being used for gift storage.  Why is this a good idea?  I am oh, so short and when I open this drawer, I look DOWN into it to see my necklaces!

I should have thought of this years ago especially since I've beed using min-muffin pans for my earrings for at least twenty years!


  1. I like it, too! Have you ever used ice cube trays for jewelry storage? They're great for things like rings and pins, or for dangly earrings that tend to tangle with each other when you're not watching them!


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  3. Cute idea! I just found your blog through a giveaway and am your newest follower! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. I can't wait to visit your blog! Thanks for stopping by!


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